Parents-to-be area

The Parental Courses are held by a team of professionals that provides support and oversees the parents-to-be in their special journey by providing them different types of tools and using different perspectives.

The sessions are designed to be attended by the couple except for few sessions where only one partner it is expressly expected to attend.


  • to promote health;
  • to stimulate body, emotional and cognitive awareness;
  • to provide scientific knowledge on pregnant women’s changes and practical guidance on pregnancy and puerperium;
  • to promote socialization;
  • to help become aware of your own innate abilities.

NUMBER OF MEETINGS: 4 for each Course

Also available:

  • “Terra&Acqua” Combo (with Aquatics for mums-to-be or newborns)
  • Individual sessions


1 Course: 150 Euro
2 Courses: 285 Euro
3 Courses: 410 Euro
1 Course + Aquatics: -5% reduction on the Combo

Limited number of places available.
For info and registration click here or send us an email.

The course will take place if a minimum number of enrolled is confirmed. Should the course not be confirmed the reservation fee will be fully reimbursed.


“Accompanying the birth” Course

5 JUNE 6:30pm
Physiology of pregnancy and birth.
Breathing techniques, relaxation, visualizations.
Mindfulness and pain management techniques.

12 JUNE 6:30pm
Knowlegde and awareness of the perineum.

19 JUNE 6:30pm
The birth today. From the first signs to labor and to birth, in all its forms.

26 JUNE 6:30pm
A dad is born. Session for dads only.

Course held by:
Eleonora Sciascia, Obstetrician
Lucia Casanova, Obstetrician

“Twice Parents” Course

9 MAY 6:30pm
Love doesn’t get split, just gets bigger. Hoew to manage the arrival of a brother/sister.

16 MAY 6:30pm
Back home, how to handle the newborn home.

23 MAY 6:30pm
How the family routine changes.

30 MAY 6:30pm
Session dedicated to the first son/daughter together with mum and dad. Play-based session.

Course held by:
Alessandra Basile, Mid-wife and Educator
Rossana Joo, Doctor Psychologist and Psychotherapist

“Parents are born and made” Course

7 MAY 6:30pm
Back home. From handling to preventing.

14 MAY 6:30pm
The hormones swing.

21 MAY 6:30pm
Breastfeeding support. Identify and face the challenges.

28 MAY 6:30pm
How does the couple change? Session for mum and dad.

Course held by:
Alessandra Basile, Mid-wife and Educator
Rossana Joo, Doctor Psychologist and Psychotherapist